Dr. Melissa Sundermann Practices What She Preaches

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Today’s guest is an internal medicine and lifestyle medicine doctor who is a big believer in the benefits of spending time outdoors.

She’s an experienced athlete, having done 3 Ironman races, 10 Bostons, and many more races.

I look forward to going a few easy miles with Dr. Melissa Sundermann.

Dr. Melissa Sundermann

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Dr. Amy Comander Is Passionate About Lifestyle Medicine

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Today’s guest is someone that is passionate about lifestyle medicine and the benefits of exercise to our overall health and wellness.

As an oncologist specializing in breast cancer, she encourages her patients to be active and does her best to practice what she preaches.

We will have no shortage of things to talk about as I go a few easy miles with Dr. Amy Comander today!

Dr. Amy Comander

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