Lij Shaw

Lij Shaw Has a Unique Motto for a Runner: “I Eschew the Shoe”

Lij Shaw is like most runners that I can relate to, but with one major difference:

He runs without shoes.

Lij Shaw

Lij Shaw

The thought of running a road race without shoes on literally gives me the heebie jeebies. My feet are very sensitive, and sometimes I hesitate to  walk through the grass in my bare feet for fear of a random twig or pebble and stepping on it.

Run a marathon without some type of shoe to protect my feet? No chance.

But Lij Shaw has no such issues. He loves barefoot running, and is ready to go on roads, in snow, or under any other conditions that present themselves. And who would have thought that it all started on a trip to store to get some Vibrams to run in.

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