Listener Q&A: November 2022

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So, who ate way too much turkey yesterday?

Gotta love Thanksgiving, am I right?

While the digestion continues, let’s dive into this month’s Q&A! Read more

Listener Q&A: September 2022

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Happy fall, yall!

What a difference a state makes!

Early fall in FL might doesn’t feel any different than summer.

But early fall in GA?

I’m pretty confident that I won’t have to wait another 2-3 months to feel like summer is over.

Anyway, let’s get down to business! Read more

Listener Q&A: August 2022

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Well then, where did August go?

Not sure how it’s already almost the end of the month, but according to the calendar, it is.

Which means that it’s also time for a little Q&A. Read more


Listener Q&A: July 2022

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Life is a bit crazy for me right now.

For the most part, my typical routines have all been turned upside down.

But one thing I won’t miss, if at all possible no matter how crazy life gets, is the monthly Q&A episode! Read more