Maggie Guterl

Maggie Guterl is Searching for Her Limits Off the Beaten Path

Today I’m catching up with elite ultra runner Maggie Guterl, a previous guest on the show.

Maggie Guterl

Maggie Guterl at Western States
?: Paul Nelson

Since last talking in 2015 she has run Western States and has earned multiple podium finishes in various races. Challenges are nothing new to Maggie and she shares her race plans for 2018 and beyond.

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Maggie Guterl

Maggie Guterl Took On the Best in the World and More Than Held Her Own

Maggie Guterl isn’t the type of person to blow her own horn and brag about her accomplishments, but she is a machine when it comes to ultra distance running.

Maggie Guterl

Maggie Guterl

When I asked Maggie about being a guest on the show, she said she’d do it but didn’t think she was necessarily worthy but that couldn’t be any further from the truth!

To be blunt, Maggie is an absolute beast!

While running for Team USA, she finished 4th at the World Championships and played a huge part in securing a team gold in the women’s 24 hour event. That right there is impressive enough on it’s own, never mind all of the other top finishes in ultra events over the past few years.

We talked about running at the World Championships, the Oil Creek 100, the Barkley Fall classic, and more during our chat today. Here are some of the highlights of today’s conversation. Read more