Melinda Howard-Runner

Melinda Howard Started Running to Help Lose Weight, and Boy Has She Ever!

Melinda Howard is one of those runners who has seen a dramatic change in her life since she started running.

Melinda Howard

Melinda Howard

How dramatic? How’s 170 pounds of weight loss for dramatic?

Pretty dramatic if you ask me…

How Did Melinda Howard Lose 170 lbs?

Melinda wasn’t always at a point where losing 170 lbs. would have been considered healthy.

In fact, before moving to Colorado and getting sick, she was a trim and fit personal trainer!

But in Colorado, she was put on serval medications and at her heaviest she was tipping the scales at 275 lbs. Now, that’s a lot of weight for anyone, let alone for a woman that is 4′ 11″ tall! Read more