Michael Jimenez

Literally Living the Dream with Michael Jimenez

A lot of runners have a dream race or event on their running “to do” list. For Michael Jimenez, that race was the Badwater 135. Notice I said “was”.

Michael Jimenez

Michael Jimenez with His Badwater Belt Buckle

I was able to join Michael for a few easy miles shortly after he completed his dream race, a race in which he finished 7th overall by the way! We talked a lot about his experience at Badwater this year, but also got into some of his past that helped him get to the point where running his dream race was able to become a reality. We also talked about the reasons he decided to get into running ultras in the first place, which is something that I’m always curious about since I can’t wrap my head around going any farther than 26.2 miles.

Here are just a few of the highlights of today’s chat: Read more