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Michael Deza Ran His Biggest Goal Race, & Changed His Running Focus

On today’s show, I’m joining up for a round two with Michael Deza.

Michael Deza at the 2016 Boston Marathon

Michael Deza at the 2016 Boston Marathon

When Michael was last on the show, we talked about his path to finding his calling as a runner as well as the great year of running he had in 2015.

One of his big goals for 2015 was to qualify for both the Boston and NYC marathons, which he did. Now that he’s back on the show, I’m interested in hearing how Boston went for him earlier this year and how he sees the rest of 2016 shaking out.

The 2016 Boston Marathon

Michael’s overal Boston Marathon experience was very positive, even though it solidified for him that he wanted to focus more on becoming an elite half marathoner instead of an elite marathoner. Read more