Kristin Gordon Uses Lifes Obstacles As Motivation To Push Her Limits

Today’s guest is a woman that embraced running a little later in life.

Her passion for the sport inspired her to begin coaching and help others reach their goals as well.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Kristin Gordon today.

Kristin Gordon

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Haley Duke Is Finding Her Balance In Motherhood, Running, and Life

My guest on the show is a constant work in progress between balancing motherhood, running, and a healthy lifestyle.

Haley Duke

She recently began pacing and hopes that she can give back to the sport what it has given to her.

Today I will go a few easy miles with Haley Duke.

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Jessica Bagley is on a Fitness Journey With No Destination

Today I am going a few easy miles with Jessica Bagley.

Jessica Bagley

Jessica is a mom of 4 with a passion for running really far as often as possible.

Her fitness journey is a moving target that keeps propelling her forward.

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Sarah Clancy

Sarah Clancy is Finding Time For Just About Everything in Her Busy Life

Today I’m running a few easy miles with a woman that is able to handling multiple things at once.

A runner for many years, Sarah Clancy has run numerous races of all distances.

Sarah Clancy

Sarah Clancy: ? by Jazzmine Beaulieu

After having her first child, Sarah decided to start her own business as a designer.

A few years and another baby later, and things are really starting to take off at Sarah Marie Design Studio!

Big Apple Running

As a 20 year old living in New York City, running quickly became Sarah’s favorite pastime.

Sarah has many fond memories from her days running in the city, in large part because of the fact that no matter where you turn, you will always find a running path.

One of Sarah’s favorite races is the New York City Marathon.

Sarah has learned a few tips and tricks to run that race well, and enjoy it at the same time:

  • Map it out and know where your turns are. A lot of time is wasted if you’re trying to run on the outside of your corners.
  • Know what you’re getting into. When you understand the ups and downs of your race you will enjoy it for what it is.
  • Coordinating with friends to give you food/water during the race.

Sarah Clancy is able to balance everything on her plate, head on over to to find out how she does it. Share on X

Organic Beginnings

After doctor’s orders to stop running due to her pregnancy, Sarah was looking for something to fill that void of time. She began to draw again and design clothes.

People started to notice her work, and were asking where they could get her products.

Sarah started selling a few shirts here and a few shirts there until things started to really take off.

Sarah Clancy

Sarah Clancy: ? by Jazzmine Beaulieu

A Full Plate

With all of the things in Sarah’s life that need her attention how does she manage them all?

Sarah has found that the best thing to do is not to look at balancing day by day but rather week by week or month by month.

It’s hard to spread your attention evenly to so many different areas each day.

Kind of like training for a race…

Mentioned In This Episode

If you like to Sarah’s designs head on over to her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her Website!

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April Woo

April Woo Continues to Push Herself as a Runner While Balancing Kids, Work, and Life!

On today’s episode of the show, I’m chatting with April Woo for a few easy miles.

April Woo

April Woo

To say that April is busy would be an incredible understatment: this mom of 4 finds time for her own training, in addition to working, coaching youth sports, and a whole host of other obligations of daily life. Read more