Are You Riding the Motivation Roller Coaster?

Quick Tip: The Ups and Downs of the Motivation Roller Coaster

Ask any runner and he or she will tell you, the motivation roller coaster is a real thing.

Are You Riding the Motivation Roller Coaster?

Are You Riding the Motivation Roller Coaster?

There are times when going for a run is easy as pie.

But there are other times when motivating yourself to go for a run is next to impossible. During those moments, it is up to you to create your own motivation because odds of you simply finding it are slim and none.

You Must Generate Your Own Motivation

You Must Generate Your Own Motivation

How to Generate Your Own Motivation

Before you can generate your own motivation to get off or the motivation roller coaster, you need to figure out why you’re experiencing a dip in your motivation in the first place. Read more

Post Race Blues

QT: Now What? Post Race Blues, Lack of Motivation, & All That Jazz…

The post race blues are a thing y’all.

Many of us are motivated, at least in part, by running races. But what about after the race is over?

Post Race Blues

That is when the post race blues can set in if we aren’t careful.

How to Recognize the Post Race Blues

The post race blues can take on a variety of forms. Read more

Philip Shelley, After His First Marathon

Philip Shelley Doesn’t Let Cerebral Palsy Keep Him from Running

Philip Shelley has every reason in the world to say that running isn’t right for him, and none of us would fault him in the slightest.

That said, he recently finished his first marathon and isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon!

Philip Shelley, After His First Marathon

Philip Shelley, After His First Marathon

Getting Into Running, Despite the Obstacles

Phil has lived his life with cerebral palsy. Even though he has what is classified as a “mild case”, he is still legally blind in his left eye, has limited use of his left arm/hand, and his left leg is shorter than his right leg. Read more

Bored? You Can Rediscover the passion for Running, I Promise

Quick Tip: How to Rediscover the Passion for Running

One of the most common suggestions/requests for content that I receive from you guys involve tips to rediscover the passion for running.

Bored? You Can Rediscover the passion for Running, I Promise

Bored with Running? You Can Rediscover the Passion, I Promise

I get it.

As much as I love running, there are times that running can become boring.

Or monotonous.

Or tedious.

Or any number of other adjectives that could be used to describe an ebb in passion for an activity that is near and dear to my heart.

The fact of the matter is that we all go through cycles where running goes from awesome to burdensome and back.

And while that may be perfectly normal, and it is you know, there are some strategies that you can employ that will help you to rediscover the passion for running once you realize that you’ve lost it.

5 Ideas to Help You Rediscover the Passion for Running

  • Variety is the Spice of Life: If your motivation for running is waning, one way to rediscover the passion is to introduce a little variety back into your running life. If you’re more of a distance runner, you could do this by adding a couple of local 5ks to your calendar and then mixing up your training for several weeks to focus more on improving your speed. Or you could go big here, and sign up for an obstacle course race like a Spartan or a Tough Mudder. (For some tips on finding the right obstacle race for you, check out my interview with Jay Bode who’s a big OCR fanatic.)
  • Adopt a Cause: One thing that always helps keep me motivated (in any area of life) is when I’m doing something for a reason much bigger than myself. If running is starting to wear on you a little bit, try signing up for a race and running to support a cause. Pick a cause that is near and dear to your heart, and you’ll not only rediscover the passion for running for yourself but you’ll be making a difference for others as well. (And if you don’t want to do it as part of an official race, get the Charity Miles app and make a difference every day.)
  • Help Out a New Runner: Remember when you first started running, and you didn’t know anything? You made all of the new runner mistakes (which we all have made, btw), you didn’t know any of the jargon, and had to learn everything the hard way? I can pretty much guarantee that someone in your town/area is thinking about getting started as a runner and doesn’t have a clue what he or she should do. Help them. Make a new friend, or see a new side of an old buddy, and be their “coach” as they dip their toes in the running water. Sure, the pace is going to be slow, but as they begin to find a joy for running with your help there’s a good chance you’ll be energized as well.
  • Mentor Others: This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one. In this case, recognize that there are probably some other runners in your area that are slower than you. If you’re dealing with a case of the running “blahs”, try slowing your pace and running/mentoring others that are slower than you. Maybe you’ll help them get faster (or maybe not, if that’s not one of their goals), but making new friends is a great way to rediscover the passion for running after things have gotten a bit stale.
  • Take a Break: You know what? Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. If running isn’t doing it for you at the moment, give yourself permission to take a break. Walking away from our sport for a few weeks or months (or even years!) doesn’t mean that you’re walking away from running forever. In my experience, taking a few weeks off from training is a great way to rediscover the passion for running because I realized I was almost taking running for granted. As soon as I stopped running, I started missing it. All of a sudden getting up early to run was enjoyable again, and so was running.

Take a Break from Running to Rediscover the Passion

This Too Shall Pass

If you find your motivation to run has diminished, take a breath.

It’s a normal thing.

Give yourself permission to skip a run or two, and see if that helps.

And if it doesn’t, try one (or more) of these tips that can definitely help you rediscover the passion for running that you’ve had in the past, and almost assuredly will have again in the future as well.

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What are Your Go To Tips/Tricks for Overcoming a Lack of Running Motivation?

We Need to Celebrate More!

Why Don’t We Celebrate Our Own Accomplishments?

“We don’t celebrate what we did, we punish ourselves for what we didn’t do.”

~Christina Castro


That one cuts deep.

I am definitely guilty of beating myself up over the littlest of imperfections, even in the face of real success.

It sucks, but I do it far too often

The Struggle with Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome

The ladies from the Ultra Ordinary Running podcast did an episode recently talking about Imposter Syndrome.

Impostor syndrome, in case you’re unfamiliar with that term, is basically the feelings of inadequacy even though the feelings may be completely unjustified.

Impostor syndrome manifests just about everywhere, from academia to business and just about everything in between. And in this case, in between definitely includes running.

And it’s something that I struggle with on an almost daily basis. Read more