My Race Day Music

My 10 Favorite Songs from the Echo Half Marathon

These days, most of my runs don’t involve me listening to music because I’m either running/talking with others or I’m listening to podcasts.

But on race day, the last thing I want to have to do is to fiddle with my phone to switch podcasts, so for the ECHO Half Marathon this morning I pulled my old iPod shuffle out of my bag for the first time in many months.

My Race Day Music

This iPod is glorious, y’all.

I don’t remember when I loaded it, but it’s got about 7 hours of music on it and it plays in a completely random order.

And the music? Most of it is from my college computer (with a few more recent songs included) so every race that I use this iPod is a fun trip down memory lane, with some hip hop/rap, rock, pop, and maybe a little country as well.

And today was no different.

Some of the Songs from My Run Today

Behold, my 10 favorite songs from today’s race, in no particular order: Read more