Haley Duke Is Finding Her Balance In Motherhood, Running, and Life

My guest on the show is a constant work in progress between balancing motherhood, running, and a healthy lifestyle.

Haley Duke

She recently began pacing and hopes that she can give back to the sport what it has given to her.

Today I will go a few easy miles with Haley Duke.

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Alli Felsenthal Wants Fitness To Be Attainable For Everyone

My guest today is a classic example of turning a passion into a career.

Alli Felsenthal

Alli Felsenthal went from corporate America to a life consumed with all things fitness related.

I’m looking forward to a few easy miles with this runner, personal trainer, coach, and all around fitness junkie.

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A Beautiful Street Art Mural

Marnie Kunz Blends Her Love for Art and Running Beautifully

Today I’m going a few easy miles with Marnie Kunz.

Marnie Kunz, Founder of RunStreet

Marnie Kunz, Founder of RunStreet

Marnie is the founder of RunStreet, and as such she’s a “tour guide” for runners to check out some great street art in New York City.

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Sandra Laflamme

Between Training, Blogging, and Mom-ing, Sandra Laflamme is Always on the Go!

Today I’m running with Sandra Laflamme, who is a woman that refuses to sit still for long!

Sandra Laflamme

Sandra Laflamme

Sandra is always on the go, whether she’s running or triathlon training, other physical activities, running a great blog, chasing her kids around, and working on the family business.

Trying the Triathlon

While dealing with an injury that kept her from running, Sandra found herself in the pool and on the bike in order to stay active and maintain her fitness when she couldn’t run. Read more