Julia Chi Taylor

Running Shoeless and Traveling the World with Julia Chi Taylor

Today I am trekking foreign scenery with life long runner and traveler Julia Chi Taylor.

Julia Chi Taylor

Julia Chi Taylor

Julia and her husband recently sold most of their possessions in the pursuit of a nomadic way of life.

To explore her new locations, she chooses to run the local streets and trails.

Her footwear of choice? None.

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Vanessa Runs

Vanessa Runs Comes Back a Year Later for Another Chat

Today I’m reconnecting with Vanessa Runs.

Vanessa joined me on the show for the first time back in Episode 11 (and last week as a Best Of episode), and a lot has happened in her life since the last time we talked.

Vanessa Runs

Vanessa Runs

In the past year, Vanessa has gotten married, published her second book, and helped crew a couple of runners on a trans-continental run.

So needless to say, we had plenty of things to talk about today. After catching up on a lot of the running and traveling highlights, we really dove in to her second book, Daughters of Distance. Read more

Vanessa Runs on Pursuing Her Passions of Running & Writing (Best Of)

On today’s Best Of episode, I’m going back to Episode 11 and my chat with ultra runner Vanessa Runs.


Vanessa talked a lot about the process of taking the leap into a nomadic lifestyle, where she left a corporate job in Toronto to move to San Diego and pursue her passions of running and writing. She shares some great stories about living in an RV with her boyfriend and stopping to run whenever the come across a place that looks interesting.

We obviously talked a lot about her nomadic lifestyle during our run, but we covered a number of other topics as well. Some of the highlights include: Read more

Diz Runs With… Vanessa Runs

On today’s run, I’m joining Vanessa Runs on the trails out in sunny Southern California. If you’ve never heard of Vanessa before, you are in for a treat.


Vanessa is living the kind of life that you’re either repulsed by or completely jealous of–traveling around North America in an RV with her boyfriend, dog, and cat, and stopping to run whenever they feel like it.

We obviously talked a lot about her nomadic lifestyle during our run, but we covered a number of other topics as well. Some of the highlights include:

  • The process of going from a “normal” life to being a modern day nomad.
  • How friends and family reacted to the news.
  • The positives and negatives of living in an RV.
  • Her first book, Amazon best-seller Summit Seeker, the book she’s working on now, and plans for future books.
  • Her experience with Mount Marathon in Seward, Alaska.

If you want to find out more about what Vanessa is doing, feel free to find her in a variety of places online. And don’t be afraid to reach out to her with any questions or comments that you might have, because she is quick to respond and enjoys the interaction.

Check out her website/blog.

Find her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.

On her website, there is a link to Amazon to buy her book. If you want to save a step, just click here to buy Summit Seeker.

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