Scott Riecke Is Continuing To Create Change In Not So Ordinary Ways

If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you’ll recognize today’s guest because he’s making his third appearance on the show today.

Since our last chat, I had the chance to meet him briefly in person and run in his annual virtual race in support of the American Cancer Society.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles and catching up with Scott Riecke today!

Scott Riecke and Denny

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Scott Riecke is an Ordinary Marathoner that is Anything But Ordinary

Scott Riecke is on the show today for round two.

A lot has happened since we first chatted, including not one but two Ironman finishes, marriage, another addition to the family, and a thriving podcast.

Scott Riecke, You ARE an Ironman!

Today we are going a few easy miles to discuss all that’s changed since our first chat.

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Scott Riecke

Scott Riecke is Anything but Ordinary, I Promise You That

Today I’m going a few easy miles with fellow runner and running podcaster, Scott Riecke.

Scott Riecke

Scott Riecke

Scott gave a fairly unique answer to the standard question of favorite distance to race and why. Scott’s favorite distance is whatever is farther than what he’s already successfully run.

When he started running, he was gunning for a mile. After a mile, he was looking at the 5k.

And now that he’s run a few marathons, he’s looking for something bigger and badder: an Ironman Triathlon. Read more