QT: Stuck Inside? How to Turn Lemons into Treadmill Lemonade

No matter how much I personally dislike running on the treadmill, I can’t deny that for some folks the treadmill is a necessary evil.

Several of the #DizRunners aren’t exactly fans of the treadmill, but due to the crazy weather this winter there are more than a few that have been logging some miles on the dreadmill.

For real though, my heart breaks for them!

That said, there are some ways you can make treadmill lemonade when you’re stuck running inside. Read more

Derek Boutang Ran the Majority of North America in a Few Short Years

My guest today has set a big goal to run a marathon in each of the Canadian provinces and territories along with every state here in the U.S.

Derek Boutang

Two years ago he completed his audacious goal and picked up a lot of travel tips and tricks along the way.

Derek Boutang and I will go a few easy miles as he shares the ups and downs of his running journey.

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Deb Meeks Is the Ultimate Crew Mom for Ultra Runners

Today on the show I’m hitting up the trail with Deb Meeks.

Deb Meeks at Home on the Trail

Deb earned the title of “Crew Mom” after crewing and pacing friends for various ultra races.

If crewing and pacing for ultras were a sport, Deb would have pro status.

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Ben Wachter with His Post Race Bling

Ben Wachter on Pacing Marathons, Playing the Ukulele, and Chasing Goals

I didn’t know much about Ben Wacther before our chat other than the fact that he was a runner.

Ben Wachter

Ben Wachter

After talking to him, I’ve reaffirmed that every runner has a story to tell. 

Being a Pacer

One of the things that I didn’t know about Ben before our chat is that he’s been a marathon pacer in the past.

I’ve thought of pacing for races in the past, so I had lots of questions for Ben about his experience as a pacer.  Read more