QT: When It Comes to Your Body, Everything is Connected

I’ve had a couple of instances in the past few days that have reminded me of the importance of perspective.

When you get a bit of a niggle in one part of your body, the natural assumption is to focus in on what is wrong in that area.

Wherever you feel the pain, that must be where the cause of said pain is located as well. Right?

Our bodies a pretty complicated, in case you haven’t figured that out yet.

The interconnectedness between our various organs and tissues is insane. And as such, the location of your pain and the location of the cause of said pain aren’t always the same. Read more

Running and Lower Back Pain: Are They Related? (with Video)

Lots of people, runners and non-runners alike, deal with back pain on a daily basis.

And for some runners, running can actually make their back pain worse!

In today’s video, I’m talking about why running can be hard on your back and offering a suggestion or two to help you ease your back pain while continuing to run.

Have You Ever Dealt With Lower Back Pain? How Did You Find Relief?

Running and Tendonitis: Why Do They Go Hand in Hand? (with Video)

If you talk to more than a handful of runners, there’s a pretty good chance at least one of them will have dealt with a case of tendonitis at one point in time.

Is there are reason that running and tendonitis are often linked?

In this video, I’ll be talking about the causes of tendonitis, why runners are especially susceptible, and some of the signs and symptoms you should look for if you think you might be dealing with a little case of tendonitis.

And in next week’s video, I’ll be breaking down how to get rid of your tendonitis and prevent it in the first place.

The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort

Quick Tip–The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort

If you run long enough, you’re going to have to deal with some aches and pains from time to time.

But one question I often get, especially from newer runners, is whether a particular issue is something they can run through or if they need to take some serious time off to rest.

Essentially they are trying to determine the difference between pain and discomfort.

The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort

The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort

Knowing the Difference Between Pain and Discomfort is Important

On the surface, differentiating between pain and discomfort may seem rather trivial.

But once you dig a little deeper, you begin to realize that knowing the difference is vital if you want to run and avoid serious injury for a number of years. Read more

Running Is Not a “No Pain No Gain” Sport. (with Video)

What is it with runners that think that “no pain no gain” is the way to train/run?

Now, to be clear, I’m in no way confusing pain with soreness.

Anytime you’re running farther, faster, or doing any number of challenging workouts, your muscles are going to be sore afterward.

But pain? That should be unacceptable.

In today’s video, I’m talking about how running with a no pain no gain attitude doesn’t make sense and how there is no reason that the number of runners that deal with a running related injury should be as high as it is.

And if you’re a runner that regularly has to deal with some of the chronic/common running injuries, we really need to talk.

Have You Ever Dealt With Any Running Injuries? What Ones?