Global Running Day

QT: Stick to the Plan; Don’t Worry About What Others are Doing!

I love the online running community.

I hope that is obvious.

Love You Guys

Love You Guys

For the most part, the online running community is awesome! It’s supportive. It is non-judgemental. It’s inclusive.

But for all of the good that I see, there is one area where I think that our community can often be a bad thing. Read more

Amanda Yu on the Road

Amanda Yu Used to Be a Bit Nervous About Some Aspects of Trail Running

Amanda Yu started running in high school for social and superficial reasons.

Amanda Yu on the Road

Amanda Yu Running the Roads

It wasn’t until after college when Amanda joined the work force that she really got into running.

She says she needed a hobby that was good for her, and running seemed to fit the bill.

Her boyfriend agreed, and signed her up for her first half marathon in D.C.

(And for the record, her then boyfriend is her now husband, so she clearly wasn’t too upset that he signed her up for the race!) Read more

Peer Pressure for Runners

Quick Tip: The Positive Impact of Peer Pressure for Runners

One thing that I’ve noticed during a number of different chats I’ve had on the podcast, and quite a few in the past couple of weeks, is that peer pressure for runners is often a really good thing.

I don’t know about you, but I know that I can do a pretty good job of sabotaging myself on a variety of fronts.

Have you every said something to yourself along the lines of  “I could never do <insert running achievement here>”?

I know I have.

solid group of running friends can provide the positive kind of peer pressure that will help you to get over whatever hurdle you’ve placed in your way and get out there and do it.

Peer Pressure for Runners

Peer Pressure for Runners

Examples of Positive Peer Pressure for Runners

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