Carey Whipple Is Representing The Back Of The Pack In Big Ways

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My guest today is someone that I’ve just recently gotten to know, but from what I can tell she’s not afraid to put the work in to reach her goals.

In addition to her running, she’s also a running coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Carey Whipple today.

Carey Whipple

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Jason Marcucilli is On The MARC When It Comes To Functional Strength

My guest today is someone that definitely believes in the value of strength training for runners.

Along with being a runner himself, he is also a personal trainer and a youth conditioning specialist.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles today with Jason Marcucilli.

Jason Marcucilli

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Alli Felsenthal Wants Fitness To Be Attainable For Everyone

My guest today is a classic example of turning a passion into a career.

Alli Felsenthal

Alli Felsenthal went from corporate America to a life consumed with all things fitness related.

I’m looking forward to a few easy miles with this runner, personal trainer, coach, and all around fitness junkie.

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Stephanie Xamin Believes In Empowering Runners Through Knowledge

My guest on the show is a fellow running coach that I connected with via social media.

Stephanie Xamin

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge on strength training and how it can help runners.

Today I will go a few easy miles with Stephanie Xamin.

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Neil Adams in the Fan Dance Races

Neil Adams has Seen Running Evolve in the Various Stages of His Life

I originally connect with Neil Adams in an entrepreneurial Facebook group that I’m a part of where, to put it mildly, I don’t see many runners.

Neil Adams of IKAN Fitness

Neil Adams of IKAN Fitness

After a quick back and forth, I invited him on the show without hesitation.

Running Before and After the Military

Neil is an ex-Royal Marine Commando, but he was a runner before he had to run as part of his training.

Before his military days, Neil was more of a sprinter and less of a distance runner.

Now that he’s out of the military, he still enjoys a good run.

Whether it’s to clear his head, burn off stress, or for a good cause, Neil will continue to get out there everytime he has the chance.

Neil Adams in the Fan Dance Races

Neil Adams in the Fan Dance Races

Running for a Friend

A good friend of Neil’s suffered a head injury recently, and as a result of his injury, his life has changed together.

Neil, as any good friend would be likely to do, has taken it upon himself to help his friend.

And the way of doing it is to organize a 90-mile relay style race to bring people together and raise money to donate to his friend’s long term care and needs.

Neil is heading up the effort, and the run will be happening in June.

IKAN Fitness

The foundation for Neil’s personal training business is built upon the acronym IKAN.

The principals relate to us as runners as well.

Inspiration: What do you do it? What do you run or care about your health/fitness?

Knowledge: If you don’t know what to do ask. If you need help, hire someone to help.

Achieve: You’re capable of success as long as employ patience and persistance.

Nutrition: Gotta fuel the body well to get the results you desire.

If you’d like to connect with Neil, check out his website and/or say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. And if you’d like more information on the race he’s putting together, join the FB group.

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