Check. Check. Check. Photo By: Derrick Lytle

Derrick Lytle Loves Being in Nature: Whether He’s Running or Working

Today I’m joining ultra runner and amazing outdoor and time-lapse photographer Derrick Lytle for a few easy miles.

Not Bad, Eh? Photo By: Derrick Lytle

Not Bad, Eh? Photo By: Derrick Lytle

When I asked Derrick about his favorite distance to race, I wasn’t surprised to hear him name an ultra distance race. And his reasoning was predictable: longer races give him more time to be in nature and on the trails.

And for someone with his eye for a good scene, that’s not surprising in the least.

“Why Would You Run Just for Fun?”

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I Can’t Get Enough RunChatHunt! (with Video)

It’s that time of year again y’all!

That’s right, it’s time for the annual holiday RunChatHunt!

I’ve you’ve never participated in RunChatHunt before, you really need to because it’s a lot of fun.

Here’s the premise:

There is a list of 12 “objects” that you need to look for during your runs between now (well technically American Thanksgiving) and the first day of 2016. Snap a photo of said object, post the photo on twitter using the hashtag RunChatHunt (#RunChatHunt), and you’re all set!

2015 RunChatHunt List

2015 Holiday RunChatHunt List

It’s really that easy.

For each item you get a photo of, you are entered into a drawing for some great prizes from some of the amazing sponsors of #RunChat.

So grab your cell phone, hit the roads/trails, and start snapping some photos!