Quick Tip: Stop Trying to Fix a Problem When There is No Problem to Begin With!

I’ve had conversations with a number of runners lately that revolve around the same concept: trying something new for no particular reason.

Hypocrite Warning

Yeah yeah. Hypocrite warning blah blah blah.

Here’s the deal: I’m all for trying something new.

Any runner that is looking to take his or her running to a new level by running faster or running farther is likely going to want to try some different training techniques, gear, fueling options, etc along the way to help them improve.

I get that.

But use your heads when it comes to trying something new; stop trying to fix a problem that doesn’t even exist! Read more

Of Course

Listener Q&A: April 2017

Don’t look now, but April is almost finished and May is coming quickly!

But before we turn the page on the month of April, we must do some Q-ing and A-ing!

For those of you that are new here, the process is quite simple:

I put a post up in our Facebook Group asking for questions.

Then a week or so later, I answer the questions on the podcast.

Easy enough, eh? Thought so.

Let’s get to it! Read more

Jinger Moore

Focusing on Mindfulness in Daily Life Has Helped Jinger Moore in Running as Well

Today I’m catching up with Jinger Moore again to dive into her story with a little more depth.

Jinger Moore

Jinger Moore

Jinger was a part of the Salty Running group chat from a few months back, but today she’s flying solo. Read more

Move On

Quick Tip: Life Happens to All of Us (So Relax Already, Eh?)

Sometimes life happens.

And when it does, we have to readjust our regular routines and our priorities, and that may mean missing a few runs along the way.

Is it ideal? No.

But it’s life.

Joker Sucks

Life Happened to Me This Week

This week has been a pretty darn good week, except for the fact that I didn’t run or do yoga or do pilates or do anything even remotely physical for two straight days. Read more

Marathon Monday

The 2017 Boston Marathon

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or you’re not much of a runner, you know that the 2017 Boston Marathon took place on Monday.

Marathon Monday is a bit of a holiday in my world, so to say I was looking forward to the day would be a bit of an understatement.

Marathon Monday

I hadn’t thought of doing much of a Boston Marathon themed episode this year (shocking, I know!) until I received an email from the Queen Salty herself, Laura Pizmoht, late last week.

She floated the idea of doing a Boston Marathon recap episode, and I jumped at the idea. Read more