Nita Sweeney Has Learned That Depression Hates a Moving Target

Nita Sweeney is joining me on the show today to discuss how running has and continues to be an incredibly powerful form of medicine.

She recently published her first book, Depression Hates a Moving Target, which is a memoir chronicling her running journey and how it impacted her.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Ms. Nita Sweeney.

Nita Sweeney


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Angie Whitworth Pace Has No Shortage of Goals and Loads of Fun

Angie Whitworth Pace will be joining me on the show today.

Her running resume is long and includes close to 150 marathon/ultra finishes, a 365-day running streak, and a Boston Marathon finish to name a few.

Clearly, we will have no shortage of topics as I go a few easy miles with Angie today.

Angie Whitworth

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QT: What is the Best Speed Workout for Runners

What is the best speed workout that runners can/should do?

I’m somewhat surprised that I get asked this question as often as I do, but I get it.

If you’re a runner with performance goals and you want to get faster, you probably don’t want to waste your time doing a speed workout that isn’t very effective, right?

So then, which speed workouts are worth your time and which ones should you avoid? Read more

Chris and Christine Walsh Are Entrepreneurs With a Big Vision

Husband and wife duo Chris and Christine Walsh are joining me on the show today.

Running isn’t the only thing they do together, they also own their own running apparel company.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with these two today.

Chris and Christine Walsh

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Jeff Fleming Has Found His Joy and His Community While On The Trails

Jeff Fleming is joining me on the show today for a chat about all things trails.

He has run multiple ultras of various distances, he clearly isn’t afraid to challenge himself.

I am looking forward to going a few easy trail miles with Jeff.


Jeff Fleming

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