Running with a Baby

Quick Tip: Running With a Baby in Tow

After reading and posting Andy’s guest post about being a runner and a parent on Wednesday, it got my wheels turning about my running future with Adi in the fold.

So for today’s quick tip, I want to take the opportunity to build on Andy’s post and talk about what it’s been like running with a baby so far.

Keep in mind, my rugrat is still only 10 months old, so I’m still far from a master when it comes to running with a baby, but here are a few things I’ve learned if running and parenting are as non-negotiable to you as they are to me.

Running with a Baby

Don’t Be Fooled By Her Mean Mug.
She Loves Running!

Tips for Running With a Baby

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Scott Smith

Scott Smith Talks About Life as a Professional Runner

On today’s show, Scott Smith joins me and talks about his life as a professional runner and a member of Northern Arizona Elite.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith

Scott opens up about some of the aspects of professional running that aren’t as glamourous. From the dollars and cents of running, the need/desire of having a job besides running, not wearing a GPS all of the time (don’t tell his coach), and a whole lot more.

I definitely had a great chat with Scott, and here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

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Thanks to Bombas for Sponsoring Today’s Show. Click to Save 20% on Your Order!

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Lij Shaw

Lij Shaw Has a Unique Motto for a Runner: “I Eschew the Shoe”

Lij Shaw is like most runners that I can relate to, but with one major difference:

He runs without shoes.

Lij Shaw

Lij Shaw

The thought of running a road race without shoes on literally gives me the heebie jeebies. My feet are very sensitive, and sometimes I hesitate to  walk through the grass in my bare feet for fear of a random twig or pebble and stepping on it.

Run a marathon without some type of shoe to protect my feet? No chance.

But Lij Shaw has no such issues. He loves barefoot running, and is ready to go on roads, in snow, or under any other conditions that present themselves. And who would have thought that it all started on a trip to store to get some Vibrams to run in.

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My Apology to All Running Newbies

Quick Tip–We Were All Running Newbies Once….

I’d like to dedicate today’s quick tip episode/post to all of the running newbies out there, and apologize for those of us (myself ABSOLUTELY included) that have been running/racing for awhile and have forgotten what it’s like to be doing something for the first time.

My Apology to All Running Newbies

Can We Still Be Friends?

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that I get upset and/or frustrated when you do something that you have absolutely no idea that you’re doing.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a more tactful way of broaching the subject than to just leer at you and mumble under my breath.

I’m sorry that I’ve been an ass on more than one occasion.

And I’m sorry that I’m not the only one that has done all of these things to you running newbies, and potentially done some things that are even worse than those that I mentioned.

The fact is, that running newbies tend to do some things that irk some of us more seasoned runners, but we need to remember that they are not doing it out of spite or out of ignorance, they just simply don’t know better. (And yes, in some cases not knowing can be considered ignorance, but that doesn’t apply in this case.)

There are hundreds of “rules of the road” or pieces of “running etiquette” that we should all strive to follow, yet if we are honest, none of us know all of them and all of us break the rules from time to time.

But seriously, no one out there running their first few races is purposely trying to screw up your race. I promise.

So when someone commits a running faux pas, instead of being a dick when they apologize (and even if they don’t apologize, since remember they probably didn’t realize it was a faux pas in the first place) just go with the flow and get back to running your own race.

What are some of the faux pas that I’m talking about? Press play below to find out!

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor: Elite Runner, College Coach, Forward Thinker

Steve Taylor has been a prominent member of the running scene in America for a number of years, and in his time he’s seen quite a bit.

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

During his professional running days, he ran for the USA at a number of international events, competed in the Olympic Trials for the marathon 3 times, and has some pretty fast PRs in a variety of distances.

Steve has also been a successful college coach, working with a number of athletes that have gone on to successfully run after college.

And just recently, he founded the Collegiate Running Association and has big plans for it’s growth in the coming years.

Steve Taylor Founded the Collegiate Running Association

We covered all of these topics and more during our conversation today. Here are some of the highlights of our chat. Read more