Fail Better

QT: Accept That Failure is a Possibility If You Want to Crush It

If you have the courage to fail, then you have the courage to succeed. ~Shalane Flanagan

How bad do you want to be successful in reaching your running goals?

Stupid question, right?

Do you want success bad enough that you’re 100% ok with the idea of failing in the pursuit of your goals?

Because if you’re not, you won’t be successful. Period.

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Quick Tip: Stop Setting Limits-The Only Thing Stopping You is You!

Limits are an Illusion

“Limits, like fears, are often an illusion.”

~Michael Jordan

I suck sometimes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty good at telling myself that something is beyond my reach and then giving up the pursuit because something seems “impossible”.

How many times have I said I want to qualify for Boston? I’ve lost count, but just about every time I talk about it I also mention that I need to get older because the idea of running a sub-3:05 is pretty much impossible at this point.

I’ve told myself, over and over, that I’m incapable of achieving my goal until I get old enough that my qualifying time becomes more attainable.

I’ve placed limits on my ability, and I do it all the fricking time.

Some Things Clearly are Impossible

There’s a difference, at least in my mind, between setting limits to what you can achieve and impossibilities.



Point blank, some things are impossible.

As an example, I’m never going to qualify for the Olympics in the 100 m dash. It’s just not going to happen.

I can train my ass off, and I’m not going to be able to run 100 m in 10 seconds.

Sorry, but some things are definitely impossible.

Limits vs Impossibilities

When I’m talking about the limits that we set for ourselves, and our need to stop doing so, I’m talking about the things that we may not be able to do at the moment but are clearly within the realm of possibility.

Need some examples? Here are just a few that quickly come to mind:

  • I could never run a marathon.
  • I could never run a 100 mile race.
  • I could never run a 5k without stopping.
  • I could never start my own business.
  • I could never learn a new language.
  • I could never…

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people do things like these every day.

So clearly, they are possible. You may not be capable at the moment, and that’s ok, but to say you could NEVER is akin to setting limits on your potential.

And that needs to stop.

Be Honest, Then Surprise Yourself

Right now, I’m not capable of running a sub-3:05 marathon.

But that doesn’t mean I could never do it.

It’s important that we are honest with ourself about what our current limits are, but remain willing to do the work to push ourselves beyond our current limits.

I know that I’m capable of running a faster 26.2 than my current marathon PR.

I know it for a fact.


Yet I’m really hesitant to pick a time that I’m shooting for at Running with the Bears, because I don’t want to place a limit on myself.

Would I be happy with a 3:45? You bet! But what if I’m capable of running a 3:37 come race day? If I set 3:45 as the goal, aka the limit, for myself at that race would I be able to dig deep and come away with a 3:37 or just simply be content to run a 3:45?

I don’t know. And that is why I’m working hard to stop setting limits for myself and just let the chips fall where they may.

And I’d encourage you to do the same thing.

Honestly assess where you are currently, then go forward and do big things!

And in so doing, you might just surprise yourself along the way…

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What Running Goals are Possibly Out of Your Reach, But Not Beyond the Realm of Possibility? 

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Who Says It's Impossible?

Everything is Impossible Until it No Longer Is

“Some of the World’s Greatest Feats were Accomplished by People Not Smart Enough to Know They Were Impossible.”

~Doug Larson

What a profound statement, eh?

Think about all of the things that were “impossible” until they weren’t.

  • 4 Minute Mile
  • Sub-10 sec 100 meter dash
  • A woman running a marathon without losing her uterus along the way…

The list of things that were thought to be impossible until proven otherwise can go on for awhile, especially if we expand beyond the realm of running.

Why Put Limits on Yourself?

Who Says It's Impossible?

Who Says Something is Impossible?

What is impossible in your life right now?

One of the life lessons I’ve learned as a runner is that we are very often our own biggest obstacle. We have this nasty habit of convincing ourselves that something is impossible before we’ve even given it a shot.

Think about it, have you ever said “Oh I couldn’t do that”?

Maybe someone asked you to run a 5k with them, and you didn’t think that was possible.

Or the first time you thought about running a marathon?

Or my personal bug-a-boo, thinking about racing longer than 26.2 miles?

“Oh I couldn’t do that.”

Bull shit.

We (and believe me, this is directed squarely at me as much or more than it is at anyone reading this post) need to stop worrying about what we don’t think we can do and put ourselves out there to see what really is possible.

Because if we allow ourselves to believe that we can’t do something, we have a 100% chance of being right. But if we give ourselves a fighting chance, we might surprise ourselves…

Impossible is a Reality

Now, I’m not saying that you can do anything you set your mind to, if you’ll just work hard enough.

The second time that I had Dane Rauschenberg on the podcast, he caught me off guard when he said that some things actually are impossible.

Not what I expected from a motivational speaker.

But as he elaborated on that statement, it made more and more sense.

Some things just aren’t possible. Allow me to be the example here.

It would be safe to say that I’ll ever run a sub-4 minute mile. For me, that is impossible. But can I get faster at a mile? Sure!

If I dedicate a significant amount of time and effort training to improve my time in the mile, I will definitely get faster.

Eventually, I’ll reach my peak where due to my genetics and physiology I won’t be able to get faster. I don’t know what that top speed would be, but it’s safe to say it’s much faster than I probably think I could possibly get.

By going after things that seem “impossible”, even if we never reach that goal, we will often go far beyond what we think we capable of and find out what our limits actually are.

And more often than not, that which we truly are capable of is mind blowing.

Stop Holding Yourself Back

It’s time to blow your mind.

What are you currently preventing yourself from achieving? What have you convinced yourself is impossible, that you’ve never really even tried?

Maybe it’s running a 5k without stopping.

Maybe it’s running an ultra marathon.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what “it” is. The fact is, we could all do a lot more than we’ve done before if we would dare to attempt that which seems impossible.

Do it.

What is Something That Seems Impossible to You Now That You’ve Never Really Tried? What is Holding You Back from Attempting the Impossible?