An Autoimmune Disease May Slow Ali Feller Down, But It Won’t Stop Her

An autoimmune disease would provide many people with a reason not to get out the door and push their bodies to their limits, but not Ali Feller.

Ali Feller, Ali on the Run

Ali Feller

Along with running, Ali is also a fellow podcaster, blogger, and a freelance writer and editor.

Crohn’s disease may slow her down at times, but it will never stop her.

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Celeste Goodson

Celeste Goodson Created a Core Strengthening Program for Postpartum Runners

Today I’m going a few easy miles with Celeste Goodson, the founder of ReCORE Fitness.

Celeste Goodson

Celeste Goodson

An Acquired Taste for the Marathon

When Celeste got into running, she was a big fan of shorter events like the 5k and the 10k.

And coming from someone that ran track, that kind of makes sense.

But of late, Celeste has starting to dig into the marathon a bit more and will be running Boston for the first time later this spring. Read more