QT: The Problem With Procrastination for Runners

If you saw the post in my IG story recently, you know that I got a new podcasting toy to play with!

Thanks to the support of several listeners via Patreon, I recently purchased a Zoom recorder so I can do interviews on location.

Up until now, I’ve either had to have someone come to the house to do an interview in person (which has happened a couple of times) or utilize skype to connect with my guests.

Finally, I’m able to interview people in person which I really think is going to help me take my interview skills, and hopefully the quality of the show, to another level. Read more

Quick Tip–Stop Waiting for the Last Minute



One of the things I hate the most about myself is my never-ending trait of waiting for the last minute to get things done.

For the entirety of 2015, I’ve been trying to get ahead when it comes to creating content for the blog so that I wouldn’t be stressed at the last minute trying to get  a post out each day.

Yet here I am, needing to leave for the airport in an hour, creating this post.

And did I mention, I still haven’t packed yet?

Today’s quick tip is short and sweet, but it’s a message I needed to hear myself more than anything.

And waiting for the last minute applies to my running life as well.

I don’t know how many times I’ve paid more for a race because I didn’t sign up at an early bird price.

And even more so, how many times I’ve not been as prepared as I would have liked because I put off doing some long runs, and ran out of time to log as many miles as I wanted to before the race.

So anyway, I hope you’re better than me when it comes to not waiting for the last minute. But if you’re not, let’s resolve to get better together!