Listener Q&A: March 2020

What. A. Month.

Is it just me, or has March been on hell of a year?

Before we put this abysmal month to bed, let’s try to have a little fun and do some Q&A, eh? Read more

Listener Q&A: February 2020

And just like that, another month of 2020 has pretty much come and gone!


But before we officially bid February adieu, let’s do a little Q&A, eh? Read more

Listener Q&A: January 2020

How have you found the first month of 2020?

Off to a cracking start?

A little stumble out of the gate?

Less than inspiring?

Whatever the case, there is still plenty of time left to have a fantastic 2020! Read more

Listener Q&A: December 2019

Don’t look now, but in just a few days 2019 will be going the way of the dinosaurs!

What did you say

It’s true.

But before we close the book on 2019 and get cracking on 2020, it’s time for some Listener Q&A! Read more

Listener Q&A: November 2019

Happy day after Thanksgiving!

Hope you ate all the things yesterday.

This was my attitude for yesterday, in the form of one of my favorite GIFs ever:

Thanksgiving Feast

Anyway, I hope you have many things in your life to be thankful for.

I know that my life is very blessed, and I’m thankful for those blessings every day. Read more