QT: Advice for New Runners, Reminders for the Rest of Us (Best Of-ish)

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This post was originally part of Episode 202 released in January of 2016 and is more or less copy and pasted from that post. The audio, however, is a new take on the topic.

Why would I waste my time writing a post and recording a quick tip offering advice for new runners?

I mean, running is pretty simple, right?

Put on a pair of shoes, any shoe will do, and then just go run.

It’s really that simple, right?

J Law

There is a whole lot more to running than meets the eye, just like Optimus Prime.

So here are 6 pieces of advice for new runners to help them avoid some of the same mistakes that I made when I started running. Read more

QT: A Few Winter Running Reminders

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In case you haven’t noticed, winter is coming.

I Hate it When That Happens on Race Day...

For some, winter running means a whole lot of treadmill running.

I don’t know how you do it, but if it works for you that’s all that matters.

For those of us that run outside in the winter, there are a few more considerations that need to be kept in mind. Read more

Don't Be a Dick on Race Day

QT: A Handful of Things to Remember on Race Day (Best Of-ish)

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This post was originally part of Episode 298 released in August of 2016 and is more or less copied and pasted from that post. The audio, however, is a new take on the topic.

Race day is right around the corner for me, and for the past few days I’m been trying to make sure that I have all of my ducks in a row, if you will.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I always forget something on race day.

I Hate it When That Happens on Race Day...

I Hate it When That Happens on Race Day…

Thankfully, it’s seldom something substantial.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s any less frustrating.

Race day is stressful enough on its own, without you making it any worse by forgetting something. Read more

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Reminders…

For the Americans in the audience, you know what tomorrow is.

For those of you from somewhere else in the world, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in America.

Also known as the day that we take our collective gluttonous ways to a whole new level.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Our Spread Will Be Double This.
At Least.

All across America tomorrow, people will be bellying up to the dinner table and by they time the meal is over their bellies will have pushed them back an inch or two.

And in all honesty, I’m ok with it.

Look, at the end of the day, the things that we eat absolutely impact our how we are able to run.

The more we weigh, the more pounding our bodies take with each step and the more effort is required to move us from point A to point B.

But on special occasions, and major holidays can absolutely count as special occasions, it’s ok to over indulge.

That said, here are 3 things to keep in mind for those of you that will be feasting this year.

Thanksgiving Reminders for Runners Read more

Reflect on the Meaning of Memorial Day Weekend

5 Memorial Day Weekend Reminders for Runners

Memorial Day Weekend is often considered the official start of the summer, though let’s be honest, it’s been summer here in Central FL for a couple of months now.

While you’re enjoying an extra day off of work, time with friends/family, and cookouts galore, here are a few things all runners should keep in mind this weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

5 Memorial Day Weekend Reminders

Read more