Nick Symmonds

Nick Symmonds is Retiring from the Track After 20 Years & Aiming Higher

Today I’m running a few easy miles with friend of the show Nick Symmonds.

Nick Symmonds

Nick Symmonds

Nick was on the show nearly 150 episodes ago, and now he’s back to talk about some new things in his life as well as some topics we didn’t cover the first time.

Nick is a two time Olympian and has represented the USA in a number of international competitions. Nick is also the Founder and CEO of Run Gum.

Obviously, Nick is a busy guy and I am excited that he has found some time for us to be able to talk again. Read more

Altra Instinct 1.0

The End of an Era

Athletes are a gimmicky bunch when it comes to their equipment and gear. And sometimes those athletes that have the least amount of equipment are the ones with the most peculiar habits and quirks.

Enter runners and their shoes.

Many runners find a model of shoes that they like, and won’t even think about trying a different brand or style.

Trying a different shoe for no good reason? Forget about it.

Why are Shoes So Special?

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