QT: Some Race Day Risks are Worth Taking

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How often does everything fall into place perfectly for a race?

Sadly, that’s probably true.

And it’s also probably true that the odds of everything being even close to perfect for race day aren’t great either.

So when the stars seem to be more or less aligned as race day approaches?

It might make sense to swing for the fences. Read more

Is Running Bad for Your Health?

Risks to Running? Should Runners Proceed with Caution?

Did you see the headlines last week?

Could Strenuous Jogging Do More Harm Than Good?

Running Too Hard? Light Jogging Linked with Living Longer.

Want to know my first thought when I read those headlines? It’s a good thing I’m a fricking runner and not a jogger!

I'm Not a Jogger!

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Want to know my second thought? What a bunch of bullshit.

Screw the Headlines, What Do the Articles Say?

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