Bill Featherston Accidentally Found Running And Is Better Because Of It

Today’s guest is a man that wears many hats, among them he’s an ER doctor, a member of the KC Symphony Chorus, a husband, a father, and also a runner.

He has also dabbled in run streaking which I’m sure will come up in today’s conversation.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles today with Bill Featherston.

Bill Featherston

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Kasha Speas Has Learned Lifelong Lessons By Running One Mile A Day

My guest today is one of those rare runners that belong in the streaker category.

She is closing in on 4 years of running at least a mile every day and she has no plans on stopping anytime soon.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Kasha Speas today.

Kasha Speas

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Cole Bensinger Opened A New World By Overriding His Self-Preservation

Cole Bensinger will be joining me on the show today for a chat about all things running.

We first met during the Big Beach Marathon and have stayed in touch via social media.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Cole as he shares more of his running journey.

Cole Bensinger

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Katie Fuller Is On A Streak…A Five Year Run Streak That Is

One of the things I love most about this sport is the endless variety of options that running presents.

You can run hard, easy, long, or short, or if you really want to you can run day after day for years.

Today I am going a few easy miles with Katie Fuller a 5-year run streaker with no plans to stop.

Katie Fuller

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Jeremy Duehring Unintentionally Became a Veteran Run Streaker

Jeremy Duehring is a streaker, but not THAT kind of streaker!

For the past 5 years a day hasn’t passed where he didn’t lace up his sneakers and go out for a run.

Jeremy Duehring

Today I’m going a few easy miles with Jeremy as we discuss how daily running became his normal.

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