Scott Douglas Is A True Believer That Running Is Therapy

It’s safe to say that most runners have read something that my guest has written.

Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas is a contributing editor at Runner’s World as well as an author of numerous running books.

His most recent book, Running is My Therapy,  addresses the many mental benefits running has.

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Runners Cheat During a Race

How Often Do Runners Cheat During a Race?

I’ve never really stopped and thought about how many runners cheat during a race.

Apparently it’s a thing, and not just something that happens on occasion either.

I had someone reach out to me on twitter recently about someone suspected of cheating to qualify for the Boston marathon, and it kind of blew my mind.

Regular readers of this blog or listeners of the podcast know that qualifying for Boston is my ultimate running goal.

Maybe it’s just me, but the reason I hold that race to such esteem and why it’s such a big goal of mine is because qualifying for the race is damn hard. If I had to cheat to get my qualifying time, lining up in Hopkinton on Marathon Monday would have absolutely zero meaning at that point.

I literally can’t imagine…

How Many Runners Cheat During a Race

Runners Cheat During a Race

Run an Honest Race! #cheatersneverwin

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The Only Way to Run Faster Is….

…to run faster.

Sage advice, I know. But how often is the truth so simple that we overlook it in order to try to find a “better” way. For us runners, we want to get faster so we try the newest shoes, the fanciest sports drink, different energy chews/gels, and whatever else is new and flashy and endorsed/promoted by Usain Bolt, Kara Goucher, or Runner’s World magazine.

But the only way to get faster is to simply run faster.

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