Denise Sauriol Turned I Can’t Into What Else Can I Do

My guest today ran her first marathon in 1994 and since then her love for our sport has continued to grow.

Denise Sauriol

Fast forward to today and she’s getting ready for her 100th marathon.

I will go a few easy miles with Denise Sauriol as we discuss her running journey, how she got into coaching, and the recent release of her first book.

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Rachel Frutkin is Inspiring Those Around Her to Run On Happy

My guest today is constantly striving to inspire those around her to live a healthier life.

Rachel Frutkin

She does this through coaching other runners, blogging, and advocating for healthier lifestyles.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Rachel Frutkin.

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Thomas Paquette Is Going to the Next Level With His Running and Coaching

Today I’m going a few easy miles with Thomas Paquette coach and founder of Next Level Running.

Thomas Paquette

Once a collegiate runner, he now finds joy and inspiration in coaching the “everyday” athlete.

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Coach Jay Johnson

Coach Jay Johnson Shares His Simple, But Not Easy, Tips for Becoming a Better Runner

Today I’m running a few miles with a coach that knows a little something about getting the most out of his runners.

Coach Jay Johnson

Coach Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson has been coaching runners for over 15 years.

Under Jay’s tutelage, athletes have run PRs in races from 1 to 100 miles. Jay has also coached national championship winning runners in cross country, track, and on the roads.

Jay is also an author, podcast host, and the director of Boulder Running Camps. Read more

What Do You Do

QT: 7 Ways a Running Coach Can Help You Improve This Year

On the surface, opting to work with a running coach (and actually paying money for it) may not make a lot of sense.

I mean, we’ve been running since we were kids, right? 

Contrary to what some non-runners (and runners?) may think, as a running coach my job isn’t to teach you to repeatedly put one foot in front of the other.

I’m pretty sure most runners have that part figured out.

So What Does a Running Coach Do?

What Do You Do

A lot of things. Read more