Breaking Through a Training Plateau (with Video)

If you run long enough, you’re almost destined to endure a training plateau or two along the way.

If you’re not familiar with that terminology, basically a training plateau is when you’ve been training just like always but you no longer seem to be making any progress.

Needless to say, finding yourself on a plateau can be frustrating as hell.

So what can you do to break through a training plateau and get back to making progress toward your running goals?

That’s what I’m talking about in today’s video.

What Causes a Training Plateau?

In most cases, training plateaus are a result in continuing to do the same types of workouts over an extended period of time. And what happens is that you body adapts to the demands you are placing on it and what was once difficult/different is no longer taxing or exotic.

Basically, you stop challenging your body with harder workouts and your body stops making progress towards running faster/farther.

And since your progress levels off, it’s said that you’ve plateaued.

Get Off of the Plateau!

Need some suggestions for getting off of your training plateau and getting back to making progress towards your goals?

Press play, and I’ll show you the way!

Have You Been Stuck on a Training Plateau Before?

How Did You Get Off of It and Get Back to Making Progress on Your Running Goals?