QT: Overall Trends are Fine, but Remember that N=1

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I hadn’t planned on doing some sort of scientific research series, but here we are.

After listening to the last couple of episodes, it just didn’t feel quite like I got the point across that I ultimately wanted to.

And maybe that says something about the complexity of taking scientific research and applying it to your specific situation.

With a little luck, maybe I’ll make my point clear today.

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QT: Questionable Causation Doesn’t Disprove Correlation

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We all know that correlation doesn’t prove causation, right?

Recently, I started thinking about this saying but in reverse.

Does a lack of direct causation disprove any and all correlation?

I don’t think so. Read more

QT: Running Science Isn’t Always Black and White

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Buckle up, buttercup.

This one could get a little crazy.

I promise I’m not trying to stir up a hornet’s nest just for the sake of causing chaos.

That said, consider yourself warned. Read more

Alyson Wessells Is Leading Exercise Research With An Unusual Specimen

My guest on the show today is a scientist on the cutting edge of exercise research.

She studies the genetics of exercise using an uncommon specimen- fruit flies.

Today I will go a few easy miles with Alyson Wessells as we delve into what exciting discoveries her research may hold.

Alyson Wessells

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Dr. Kasey Hill Addresses The Root Of The Problem While Teaching Long Term Solutions

Today I am going a few easy miles with Kasey Hill, a doctor in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Kasey Hill

Runners of all levels can benefit from the easy and quick suggestions Kasey provides to keep your running body in working order.

Kasey is particularly interested in making sure things are done correctly in order to prevent the problems in the first place.

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