Laurie Wisotsky

Laurie Wisotsky Gave Up Marathons to Run Track in Her 40s

Laurie Wisotsky got her start in running after watching Katie Holmes run the New York City marathon. She figured if Katie could do it, so could she.

After running several marathon races over the course of a handful of years, and dealing with a series of injuries and recoveries, she’s decided to settle into running shorter distances and competing in Master’s races and events.

Laurie Wisotsky

Laurie Wisotsky Running the 800 m at the Drake Relays

Her decision to stop running marathons and focusing on shorter distances wasn’t one that came easily, but after a year and a half of short distance running she concedes that the switch was the best thing she’s done for herself in terms of running.

We talked a lot about her transition from long distance to short distance racing, the roll her team of coach and physical therapist played in the decision, the rise in popularity of masters track events, and a whole lot more. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation: Read more