Ken the Hobo Runner Relies On Motion To Get Him Through Life

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Today’s guest has a long list of running achievements.

His achievements range from a 2600-day running streak to the completion of all 6 marathon majors, and he is also close to running a marathon in every state.

I am looking forward to hearing about that and a lot more as I go a few easy miles with Ken the Hobo Runner!

Ken the Hobo Runner

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Jim Starkey Relies On His Knowledge To Avoid Injury And Get PRs

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My guest today is someone that I haven’t talked to much in the last few years, but there was a time when we saw each other 10 plus hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week.

While working with him he was a retired runner, but in the past year or two he has gotten back into the sport in a pretty big way.

I’m looking forward to going a few easy miles with my friend and fellow Blue Raider, Jim Starkey.

Jim Starkey

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