Elinor Fish

Elinor Fish is Stressing Less by Running More Mindfully

Today I’m running a few stress relieving miles with a woman that has had her hand in just about everything you could imagine in the running world.

For the past 20+ years running has been a huge focus of her life, and today we are honored to welcome Elinor Fish to the show.

Elinor Fish

Elinor Fish

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Chris Ward on the Mountain Top

Chris Ward Loves the Trails and Living Like a Bigfoot!

Today I’m going a few easy miles with Bigfoot wanna be Chris Ward.

Chris Ward aka Bigfoot

Chris Ward Lives Like a Bigfoot

Chris is also a family man and has taken the last year off from his teaching responsibilities to be a stay at home dad for his two young children.

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Lori Masterson

Want to Keep Lori Masterson Down? Good Luck With That!

Today I’m going a few miles with trail runner and cancer crusher Lori Masterson.

Lori Masterson

Lori Masterson

Lori has found that she loves her time spent running on the trails, in large part due to the relaxed atmosphere of the trail running community.

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Bill Sycalik at His First National Park

Bill Sycalik Wanted Out of the City, So an Epic Running Adventure was Born

On today’s show, I’m going a few easy miles with Bill Sycalik.

Bill is currently on quite the epic running adventure as he’s traveling around the USA running a marathon in each of the 59 National Parks.

Bill Sycalik and I

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Megan Finnesy on the Trails

Megan Finnesy Loves Giving Back, Whether She’s Running or Race Directing

Today on the show, I’m joining Megan Finnesy for a few (hopefully) easy miles in the mountains.

Megan Finnesy

Megan Finnesy

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