Greg Sisengrath Goes the Distance to Help Others Achieve Their Goals

Greg Sisengrath has completed 56 trail races, so it’s safe to say he is familiar with the sport.

Greg Sisentgrath is Definitely at Home on the Trails

In addition to getting out there and running himself, he’s also willing to help others by pacing and crewing along with coaching other athletes.

Today we will go a few easy miles and find out how the ultra world drew him in and keeps him coming back for more.

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Jeremy Duehring Unintentionally Became a Veteran Run Streaker

Jeremy Duehring is a streaker, but not THAT kind of streaker!

For the past 5 years a day hasn’t passed where he didn’t lace up his sneakers and go out for a run.

Jeremy Duehring

Today I’m going a few easy miles with Jeremy as we discuss how daily running became his normal.

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Jody Smotherman May Be a New Runner But He Doesn’t Lack Perspective

Today I am going a few easy miles with Jody Smotherman.

Jody Smotherman

Jody is an adult onset runner. While he may not have as much running experience as others, he more than makes up for that with his enthusiasm for the sport.

As a father to 3 daughters, running has proven to be a valuable connection and source of communication.

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Chris Ward on the Mountain Top

Chris Ward Loves the Trails and Living Like a Bigfoot!

Today I’m going a few easy miles with Bigfoot wanna be Chris Ward.

Chris Ward aka Bigfoot

Chris Ward Lives Like a Bigfoot

Chris is also a family man and has taken the last year off from his teaching responsibilities to be a stay at home dad for his two young children.

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Bradley Lane

Trying Not to Get “Lawyered” on the Trails with Bradley Lane

Today I’m joining Bradley Lane, one of my fellow Altra Ambassadors, on the trails around Washington DC for a few easy miles.

Bradley Lane

Bradley Lane

Finding Trails in the Urban Environment

Unbeknownst for many people, Washington DC has some seriously technical trails to run in the area. And even inside of DC proper, there is nearly 35 miles worth of trails to run on.

Just because Bradley lives in our nation’s capital, it doesn’t mean that he’s stuck pounding the pavement.

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