Chris Wehrman Can Help Anyone Run Better Through The Use Of An App

My guest today has experienced a lot of success in running with two Olympic qualifying times, three 2nd place marathon finishes and numerous wins at shorter distances.

Through coaching and the development of a new app this runner turned entrepreneur is doing his best to help runners in the pursuit of their running goals.

Chris Wehrman

I am excited to go a few easy miles with Chris Wehrman as we dive into how this app can help make preparing for some big races a bit easier.

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QT: Stuck Inside? How to Turn Lemons into Treadmill Lemonade

No matter how much I personally dislike running on the treadmill, I can’t deny that for some folks the treadmill is a necessary evil.

Several of the #DizRunners aren’t exactly fans of the treadmill, but due to the crazy weather this winter there are more than a few that have been logging some miles on the dreadmill.

For real though, my heart breaks for them!

That said, there are some ways you can make treadmill lemonade when you’re stuck running inside. Read more

Emily Toia Runs Ultra Distances Without Stepping Out Her Door

Today on the show I’m going a few easy treadmill miles with Emily Toia.

Emily Toia

The running tool most runners dread is what she runs most of her miles on.

Emily is not your typical ultra runner, in case you were wondering.

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QT: Too Cold to Run? Stay In and Make Some Real Progress

Thanks, in large part at least, to climate change there is some serious cold weather crushing many parts of the country at the moment.

It’s been bad enough in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere in the past week or so, that even many of my hardiest of cold weather running friends and clients have been forced in to the treadmill on more than a few occasions.

And the soft as butter Floridians? Yeah, they are losing their minds! 



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The Last Treadmill I Ran On

Quick Tip: How to Survive a Run on the Treadmill

Alright y’all, let’s cut to the chase.

You know where I stand on treadmill running. I hate it.

The Last Treadmill I Ran On

The Last Treadmill I Ran On

I honestly don’t know how anyone can enjoy treadmill running, but I do know several runners that regularly log hours on their treadmills year round.

It would be my opinion that said runners should be checked to make sure their brains are still functioning properly, but that is neither here nor there.

This Episode Sponsored by Runner Box

This Episode Sponsored by Runner Box

For today’s quick tip, I want to talk about how to survive a run on the treadmill when you have no choice but to do your best hamster impression and run and run and run and literally go nowhere.

So here goes nothing…

4 Ways to Survive a Run on the Treadmill

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