You Should Never Run on the Treadmill

Quick Tip-Why You Should Never Run on the Treadmill Again!

In last week’s quick tip post/episode, I talked about why you should get outside and go running in the summer heat instead of staying inside and running on the treadmill.

Today I’m going to go one step farther, and explain why you should never run on the treadmill again.

You Should Never Run on the Treadmill

You Should Never Run on the Treadmill. Seriously.

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Trying to Get Lost

This past weekend, I was in Dallas for the first ever podcasting-only conference.

I had a blast at Podcast Movement, and was able to connect with all kinds of podcasters from a variety of different shows. I even met a lady that MIGHT join me on the Diz Runs With podcast in the near future. But I learned a lot about the business side of podcasting, did some amazing networking, and really made some great friends from around the country that I’ll hopefully be able to visit with when I go run a marathon in their state.

I could go on and on about how great the convention was, but I don’t want to come across as too much of a podcasting nerd, though if the shoe fits… Read more