QT: Don’t Forget to Take Care of Both Sides of Your Body

What do you do when you have a little issue somewhere in your body?

Maybe you feel a tight plantar fascia in one foot.

Or you have a knee that doesn’t quite seem right during or after a run.

Or you feel a little pain in your shin or your Achilles or your hamstring.

The location of the issue, for today’s quick tip, is irrelevant.

From time to time, most of us as runners will develop a bit of a niggle somewhere in our body that needs to be addressed.

And that is where we can get ourselves in trouble… Read more

QT: When It Comes to Your Body, Everything is Connected

I’ve had a couple of instances in the past few days that have reminded me of the importance of perspective.

When you get a bit of a niggle in one part of your body, the natural assumption is to focus in on what is wrong in that area.

Wherever you feel the pain, that must be where the cause of said pain is located as well. Right?

Our bodies a pretty complicated, in case you haven’t figured that out yet.

The interconnectedness between our various organs and tissues is insane. And as such, the location of your pain and the location of the cause of said pain aren’t always the same. Read more

BethAnn Telford Ran Around the World to Raise Awareness and Spread Hope

In our first chat, BethAnn Telford shared some of her story including the moment, at Mile 19 of the Marine Corps Marathon, when she realized something was seriously wrong.

BethAnn Telford and Old Glory

A diagnosis of a brain tumor altered her life but didn’t stop her.

Today we will go a few easy miles as she shares how raising funds and awareness for this personal cause has literally taken her around the world.

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QT: Treating and Preventing Heat Illness (In Yourself and Others)

As is often the case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

And when it comes to dealing with heat illness, that is certainly the case.

Preventing heat illness will always be the preferred option to having to treat it/manage it once it has already set it.


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How to Deal with a Sprained Ankle as a Runner

When we talk about running injuries, we typically think of the repetitive motion/overuse type of injuries like plantar fasciitis or shin splints.

These overuse injuries are certainly common among runners, but they aren’t the only injuries that runners find themselves dealing with from time to time.

Certain running injuries can come out of nowhere in the blink of an eye.

One such example is a sprained ankle.

A Sprained Ankle Can Happen to Any of Us

Model Sprained Ankle

And She’s OK… Game On!

Whether you run on the roads, the track, or the trails, a sprained ankle is a distinct possibility for any runner.

  • Step of a curb while running on the road and land funny
  • Running in a pack during a longer distance track race and step on another runners foot
  • An exposed tree root is one of many opportunities to turn an ankle while running on a trail

While I believe that most overuse injuries in running can be prevented, with something like a sprained ankle there really isn’t much that can be done in terms of prevention.

Sometimes your foot lands on an uneven surface, and before you know what happened you’re down.
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