Keith Shireman

Keith Shireman Merges His Athletic Training Background With The Mindset Of An Athlete

Keith Shireman is a certified athletic trainer and a triathlete.

Keith Shireman

Keith Shireman, ATC

Injury prevention knowledge along with knowing firsthand the struggles athletes face is a valuable combination.

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Greg Unger Has a Larger than Life Presence and Motivational Advice to Match

Greg Unger is returning to the show today for round two.

When he does anything he goes all in, which explains why I had to have him on for a second time.

In his few short years as an endurance athlete, Greg has completed over 230 marathons, ultras, and Iron Man triathlons!

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Dr. Christopher Segler

Dr. Christopher Segler is the Doctor that the Running Community Needs

Dr. Christopher Segler is not your average podiatrist.

Dr. Christopher Segler is Also an Ironman Triathlete!

Dr. Christopher Segler is Also an Ironman Triathlete!

This 14-time Ironman is an expert in pushing the body to the limit without doing too much.

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Eric Collard

Eric Collard Found Running After Football, and Now He’s Hooked

Today I’m going a few easy miles with a runner, a podcaster, and coach (running and otherwise) Eric Collard.

Eric Collard

Eric Collard

Like many of us, Eric’s running tastes continue to evolve.

10 years ago, he was focused more on speed and racing.

Now, he enjoys taking his time and running long. And if he happens to run a race, so be it. Read more

Shane Finn Coastal

Shane Finn is Taking on Another Marathon Streak to Raise Money for Those With Spina Bifida

Shane Finn is a pretty incredible 24 year old!

Starting June 22nd of this year, he will attempt to run 24 marathons in 24 days with the goal of raising €100,000 for Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland.

Shane Finn Coastal

Shane Finn Running in Coastal Ireland

He’ll start his 628.8 mile journey in his hometown of Dingle, with the hopes of completing it on July 15th in Kerry.


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