Greg Sisengrath Goes the Distance to Help Others Achieve Their Goals

Greg Sisengrath has completed 56 trail races, so it’s safe to say he is familiar with the sport.

Greg Sisentgrath is Definitely at Home on the Trails

In addition to getting out there and running himself, he’s also willing to help others by pacing and crewing along with coaching other athletes.

Today we will go a few easy miles and find out how the ultra world drew him in and keeps him coming back for more.

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Walker Higgins Is Treating His Life As One Big Adventure

Today on the show I am going a few easy miles with Walker Higgins.

Walker Higgins

Walker has experienced all facets of the running world ranging from racing, crewing, pacing, and directing races.

Each area offers unique challenges and Walker is sharing how continues striving to improve.

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Nicklaus Combs Keeps Coming Back to a Distance That Continually Humbles

My guest today checks quite a few trail and ultra runner boxes.

His Instagram running photos are awe-inspiring, his beard is on point, and he has multiple 100-mile finishes attached to his name.

Nicklaus Combs and I will go a few easy miles as he shares his many adventures along with his ever growing list of what’s to come.

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Jessica Bagley is on a Fitness Journey With No Destination

Today I am going a few easy miles with Jessica Bagley.

Jessica Bagley

Jessica is a mom of 4 with a passion for running really far as often as possible.

Her fitness journey is a moving target that keeps propelling her forward.

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Jason Bahamundi is a Plant Based Endurance Athlete That Doesn’t Compromise on Taste

My guest today is no stranger to pushing his limits having finished multiple 100-mile races and Ironman Triathlons.

Jason Bahamundi

Endurance athlete Jason Bahamundi has learned how to fuel for performance with plant a based diet.

We will go a few easy miles as he shares how healthy performance based eating can taste good too.

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