Quick Tip: Remember to Follow the Rules of Vacation Running

I’m officially on “vacation.”

To be honest, I’m not sure if what we are doing counts as a proper vacation or not. (I don’t think it does…)

Beks, Adi, and yours truly are taking a trip back to the homeland to visit Mama and Papa Diz back in good old Northern Michigan.

Will it be a break from work? I guess so.

But I’d struggle to call staying with family for seven days a true vacation.

I love my family, but going back “home” for seven straight days is hardly a break. Read more

Vacation Meme

QT: How to Balance Running and Relaxing While on Vacation

On paper, going on vacation is a glorious thing.

Vacation Meme

Having a chance to get out of your normal routine and away from the hustle and bustle of life means you can just focus on doing the things you want to do, right? Read more

Aye, aye Captain!

Quick Tip: Running on Vacation When You’re Not Runcationing

Today I’m boarding an airplane with junior and flying to Michigan to see some family and attempt to escape the endless annual heatwave in Florida known as May thru October.

Peace Out Y'all

Peace Out Y’all

One of the things I’m looking forward to most, especially if I can get a break from the weather, is getting in a few runs in my old stomping grounds.

I really am looking forward to logging some miles in Manistee over the next 8 days, but running on vacation poses some unique challenges that have to be dealt with. Read more

Traveling After a Race

Traveling After a Race? Three Tips to Make Your Trip More Comfortable

When I put together Friday’s quick tip about the issues a runner faces when making a long trip right before the race, I was planning on today’s post being the natural follow up–things to do when you’re traveling after a race, either by car or by plane.

Traveling After a Race

Traveling After a Race?

I’m still going to do that post today, but it’s not nearly as topical as I’d planned.

(If you’re not following me on Social Media, you may have missed the announcement that I wasn’t able to make it out to California to speak and run the Running with the Bears marathon. I’ll share the details of the disappointment later this week.)

So instead of dealing with the post-marathon aches and pains I was expecting to face today, I’m writing this post based on past experience.

Jumping in a plane less than 8 hours after running 26.2 is something I’ve done before (twice, actually), and I’ve also taken an 8+ hour car ride right after a race.

So if you’re facing a trip shortly after a half/full marathon finish, here are a few things you can do to make your trip home as comfortable as possible.  Read more

How a Runner Packs for Vacation

How a runner packs for vacation is obviously dependent on how much running he or she is planning on doing.

If you have the chance to get away from your normal routine for several days without any serious plans, it can be tricky to pack enough running gear to take advantage of your open schedule.

But with the price of checking bags these days, unless you’re flying Southwest (and you should only be flying Southwest), it’s helpful to get as much in your bag as possible without wasting any space.

In this video, I’ll show you how I packed for a weeklong trip to Michigan, as well as give you a couple of tips on prioritization and maximizing space.

How Much Running Gear Do You Take on Vacation?