Lisa Braden is Educating Athletes on the Importance of Optimal Fueling

Registered Dietician and runner Lisa Braden will be joining me on the show today.

Lisa Braden

In most running circles a large number of questions are centered around diet.

We will attempt to answer questions regarding race day nutrition and many more as I go a few easy miles with Lisa.

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Andrea Flowers Was Running On Empty For Years

Andrea Flowers is a runner that loves the team/group component of our sport.

Andrea Flowers

Running has always come naturally to Andrea, until it didn’t.

A devastating injury along with an eating disorder led to some setbacks that contributed to her outlook on life and running.

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Christie Thomas Is Inspiring Runners Of All Ages to Find the Joy In Running

Today I’m going a few easy miles with veteran runner of more than 20 years, Christie Thomas.

Christie Thomas

After chatting with her business partner Carlee Daub , I’m looking forward to speaking with the other half of Wahoo Running.

Christie has found inspiration from runners of all ages and the lessons don’t stop there.

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Carlee Daub

Carlee Daub Knows That Coaching Is Not One Size Fits All

Today I am going a few easy miles with Carlee Daub, whose titles include runner, coach, mom, and wife.

Carlee Daub

Carlee Daub

As a runner, she enjoys finding and pushing her limits.

As a coach, she helps athletes to find a balance between training hard and recovering properly.

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