Kristina Richardson, April 2016

Kristina Richardson Has Come a Long Way in 3 Months of Running

Kristina Richardson may still be new to running, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less of a runner than you, I, or anyone else that I’ve been able to talk to on the show in the past!

Kristina Richardson & Her Girls, April 2016

Kristina Richardson & Her Girls, April 2016

Taking Control of Her Health

Kristina wasn’t a runner as a kid, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t active.  Read more

Melinda Howard-Runner

Melinda Howard Started Running to Help Lose Weight, and Boy Has She Ever!

Melinda Howard is one of those runners who has seen a dramatic change in her life since she started running.

Melinda Howard

Melinda Howard

How dramatic? How’s 170 pounds of weight loss for dramatic?

Pretty dramatic if you ask me…

How Did Melinda Howard Lose 170 lbs?

Melinda wasn’t always at a point where losing 170 lbs. would have been considered healthy.

In fact, before moving to Colorado and getting sick, she was a trim and fit personal trainer!

But in Colorado, she was put on serval medications and at her heaviest she was tipping the scales at 275 lbs. Now, that’s a lot of weight for anyone, let alone for a woman that is 4′ 11″ tall! Read more

Gary Stotler: Then & Now

Gary Stotler Has Changed His Health & Life for the Better

Gary Stotler is one of my new favorite people in this world.

Gary Stotler and His Wife Post Race

Gary Stotler and His Wife Post Race

I’m so glad that I was able to have a conversation with this incredible guy today, and I know you are going to love it.

In the past few years, Gary has made a dramatic change in his life by making small changes every day that have helped him shed weight, improve his health, and stick with it throughout his journey.

And the results are pretty obvious.

Gary Stotler: Then & Now

Gary Stotler: Then & Now

In today’s episode we talk about the changes he’s made to improve his health, how his story has impacted those around him, how personal development/self-help books helped him with the diet and exercise changes that he’s made in his life,

Thanks to Jabra for Sponsoring This Episode

Thanks to Jabra for Sponsoring This Episode

Here are just a few of the many highlights from my chat with Gary Stotler. Read more

Thinking About Running? Here are 5 Tips From Jess Smith to Help You Get Off the Couch and Out the Door!

A big thanks to Jess Smith for being the first guest writer of the Run Bloggers Unite! movement. If you’d like to to join the movement, I’d love to partner with you!
But without further ado, please enjoy Jess’s awesome addition to my blog, and please check out my guest post on my evolution from non-runner to (annoying?) runner, with some of my tips to help you get started as well, over on her blog.

I’ve spent the last 2 years turning myself from an overweight couch potato into a runner.


Pretty Impressive, Eh?

The question I get asked most often is “How did you start?”

I guess going from being able to jog slowly for about 5 minutes to running a half marathon in less than a year gives me some kind of authority to answer this question.

While keeping in mind that I’m still a fairly new runner, and my previous running experience was limited to a grand 17:00 minute mile in high school, know that I’m not an authority on all things running – these are just some things that worked for me!

Read more