QT: The Benefits of Adding Yoga to Your Regular Routine

If you’ve been paying attention over the years, you’ve heard me talk about yoga at least once or twice.

One thing I’ve not done is really dive deep into why yoga can be so beneficial.

A listener recently reached out to me and asked if I could do an episode to go a little more in depth about the benefits of yoga for runners.

Sounded like a great idea to me, so let’s make it happen! Read more

Christine Yu and the NYC Skyline

Christine Yu Doesn’t Race Often, But She’s Still Serious About Running

On today’s episode of the show, I’m joining Christine Yu for a few easy miles.

Christine is a runner, writer, and yogi living in New York City, and she also has a fondness for surfing which we definitely talked about later in our chat.

More of a Runner Than a Racer–And That’s OK

When I asked Christine about her favorite distance to race, she answered the half marathon for many of the reasons that a lot of other runners enjoy that distance: more manageable time commitment for training, doesn’t beat you up as much, etc.

But as it turns out, while she enjoys a half marathon from time to time she’s definitely not driven by racing as much as many runners are.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

In this day and age of social media and blogs, it can almost seem like if you’re not racing/setting PRs/collecting bling you’re not a “real” runner.

Visual Proof that Christine Yu Does Race Once in Awhile!

Visual Proof that Christine Yu Does Race Once in Awhile!

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Julia Hanlon from Running On Om

Julia Hanlon Finds Yoga & Running Benefit the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Today I’m joining fellow podcast host and runner Julia Hanlon for a few easy miles.

Julia Hanlon from Running On Om

Julia Hanlon from Running On Om

Julia is the host of the Running On Om podcast, which is a podcast you should definitely add to your playlist, runner, yogi, and an all around student of life.

During our chat, we talked about her experience running (but not racing) the marathon distance, spectating at the Olympic Trials, the benefits of yoga for runners, and so much more!

Thanks to Jabra for Sponsoring This Episode

Thanks to Jabra for Sponsoring This Episode

Here are some of the highlights of my chat with Julia Hanlon.

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Diz Runs With… Patricia Lopez

On today’s run, I’m joining Patricia Lopez for a few easy miles. Patricia is a bit unique in that she is a running coach and a yoga instructor. She believes there are many benefits for runners that are able to incorporate regular yoga practice into their training schedule, and I think she’s right.


We talked a lot about the yoga over the course of our conversation, but yoga wasn’t the only subject we talked about. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The imbalances that many runners have.treepose
  • The mental challenge of running.
  • The struggle of slowing down in the fast paced world that we live in.
  • Why being inflexible is a terrible excuse for not doing yoga.
  • Some of the many benefits of yoga–beyond just the stretching.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of yoga, I can’t encourage you enough to reach out to Patricia and touch base with her. She is a wealth of knowledge not only in terms of the yoga, but in how the yoga effects your whole body, mind, and soul.

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