Tim Cigelske Earned His Status As The Official Beer Runner

Today’s guest is someone that enjoys a good run about as much as he enjoys a good beer!

For about 10 years, he wrote a regular column in DRAFT magazine called the Beer Runner and during that time he also had a duel streak going for 3 years: daily running and a daily beer.

I am looking forward to an easy run with Tim Cigelske and seeing what topics we can cover!

Tim Cigelske

Accidentally Discovered Training

Tim Cigelske fell into running by accident.

He first began running in 7th grade while in gym class.

Twice a week he had to run half a mile before class.

Tim loved playing basketball at the time as well.

Between the consistent running in both basketball and gym class, he accidentally discovered training.

He found that the more he did something, the better he got at it.

His improvement in running gave him the confidence to join the cross country team in 8th grade.

While in high school, Tim split his time between cross country and track.

Letting Go Of The Marathon

As with any pursuit, running waxed and waned for Tim over the years.

His favorite distance to race evolved over time.

Over the last 10 years, his focus has been on the marathon because it both challenges and humbles him.

Last year was the first time in 9 years that he didn’t run a marathon.

Injuries and covid prevented him from training for a full.

Tim has learned that racing is much more than setting a PR.

He has come to embrace the social aspect and fun that often accompanies running.

Finding His Niche

Tim graduated from college with a journalism degree and frequently freelanced for DRAFT magazine upon graduation.

He also wrote for various other magazines and newspapers before he found his niche.

The connection between beer and running was in the beginning stages when Tim saw a space he could fill.

Tim quickly worked to define himself as the beer runner due to his love of both running and beer.

He is currently going through another big career change after 13 years in marketing.

Tim is returning to the beer world as the Director of Communications at Sprecher Brewery

He is looking forward to getting back into writing and telling stories.

Tim Cigelske

An Unusual Spin On A Running Streak

Most runners are aware of what a run streak is and may have even done one themselves.

Since Tim made a name for himself as the beer runner, he knew that he didn’t want to do the “typical” running streak.

So he turned to social media and asked what he should do for the last year of his 20’s.

A daily run and beer challenge was suggested which prompted Tim to embark on what would be a 3-year streak.

Once he surpassed 60 days, running and drinking a beer daily became part of his routine.

In those 3 years, there were some close calls, but he always managed to keep his streak intact.

His streak came to an end when his 3 year anniversary coincided with the birth of his second child.

Tim enjoyed the challenge but did admit that he likes rest days and finding balance in life.

Beer Connoisseur

Over the years Tim has sampled a variety of beers.

He has developed preferences for what (in his opinion) is a good post-run beer.

High on his list are lower ABV beers that are in the IPA variety.

Beer is similar to running in that there is a multitude of options for both and almost anyone can find something they love.

There are always new things to explore and try in both running and beer.

Beer drinking is often done following a run, but not always- enter the beer mile.

The Beer Mile

The beer mile has evolved over time from a grassroots event to an international sport.

Tim has run many a beer mile himself and he has also had the opportunity to spectate at international events.

He considers the world beer mile classic one of the craziest spectacles he has ever seen.

A beer mile consists of one runner starting the run by drinking a beer then running a lap and repeating that 3 times.

For what used to be considered an underground sport there are a lot of specific rules surrounding an official race.

There are also rules regarding what beer a runner is allowed to drink during the race.

Tim has learned a lot of tips over the years including always making sure the beer is chilled before the race.

Focusing On Imbalances

This past year has been filled with multiple hurdles for Tim.

Tim had gotten covid not once but twice and the second time around his entire family tested positive as well.

Getting sick forced him to quit running for a few weeks entirely.

When he was able to begin running again, it was a slow progression to get back to where he was.

Rather than get upset, Tim was able to focus on the silver lining.

The time he would normally spend running, he was able to focus on other areas of his life.

He began to get into cooking and yoga while also focusing on fixing his imbalances.

Tim was able to appreciate the process of running after not having it in his life.

Tim Cigelske

Never Waste An Injury

Currently, Tim is unable to run due to pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Biking and hiking are filling the running void until he can return to doing what he really loves.

Tim adheres to the adage of “never wasting an injury.”

The time he spends not running should be filled with other ways to enhance his mental and physical well-being.

He is also embracing the social part of staying active.

The beer at the end is a good motivator too according to Tim.

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