Track Workout 4/2/2013

2013-02-12 18.13.17Few things are as humbling as a short, sweet, and ass kicking track workout.

Before Tuesday, I hadn’t been to the track for a sprint workout in a few weeks. I’d been running regularly, but the track is just…..different.

On paper, this week’s workout looked pretty light. After an 800m warm up, we were scheduled for 3×400, 3×800, and 3×400. No question, this was the lightest track workout I’d done since joining the Lakeland Runner’s Club.

Too bad the workout wasn’t done on paper.

The first 3 400s really weren’t that bad. 79 sec, 79 sec, and 78 sec. Everything felt good. Even told one of the guys that is usually a second or two faster than me that I was planning on holding the 400s right at 80 seconds for the whole night.


After the first 800 (an acceptable 2:58), I still felt alright. I was breathing heavy, but my legs were feeling good and I hadn’t had any reason to think I’d be much off the 3 minute mark for the final 800.

Then we took off.

Somewhere between 250 and 350 meters, I knew something wasn’t right. At about 400 m I had hit the wall. And by hit the wall, I mean more like bug exploding into a semi-truck windshield.

I have no idea what happened, other than the fact that I could hardly breath, legs felt like they each weighed 100 lbs, and I still had 300 meters to go. I didn’t even go out that fast in the first lap (85 second split). But I was hurting.

I managed to finish the lap at an embarrassing 3:20, which is as slow as I’ve run an 800 m track segment in awhile.

After the 800s, my final 3 400s weren’t anything to be excited about (89 s, 88 s, 84 s). Not terrible, but not the 6 sub-80 second efforts I was shooting for.

Track workouts aren’t easy. Which probably explains why they are the least attended events for most running clubs. But if you want to get faster, stronger, and really push yourself, they are a must.

My work schedule will be changing next week, and I’m not sure when my next opportunity will be to join the group at the track, but I’m going to miss it for sure.

And the next time I get out there, I don’t think I’ll be running my mouth about 80 sec laps.

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