Ty Godwin Made Boston Qualifying His Goal, and He Didn’t Stop Once He Hit the Mark!

Ty Godwin has accomplished some things in running that I definitely hope to achieve in the future, specifically qualifying for and running in Boston, so in chatting with him today hopefully I’ll be able to learn a few things to help me get to Hopkinton.

Ty Godwin Loves the Boston Marathon

Ty Godwin Loves the Boston Marathon

While Ty is definitely a big fan of the Boston Marathon, and you know where I stand on that race, we didn’t talk exclusively about what it takes to get to Boston on Patriot’s Day.

We spent some time talking about how he got into running, a comparison between running and blackjack, running while traveling, struggles (past and present) with injuries, and a whole lot more.

And we talked about Boston, obviously!

Here are some of the highlights from my chat with Ty Godwin

  • Enjoying the half marathon more because he’s been more successful at the distance
  • Starting running as an adult to get in shape, didn’t even know that “races” were a thing
  • Wife bought him Hal Higdon’s book on marathon training for Christmas, and the rest was history
  • Running all over the United States and the world
  • Learning about the Boston Marathon, and making BQing the goal
  • Some injury setbacks along the way, and the patience required of not coming back until being 100% healthy
  • Tips to help qualify for Boston, or to achieve any other big running goal! (Link to his blog post on the subject)

Check out Ty’s website for lots of great running insights and information. You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

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3 replies
  1. Sarah K
    Sarah K says:

    Enjoyed this interview naturally as I’m chasing this dream now too. Most curious is that I had the California International Marathon as my “first attempt” this season, and then took it back off the table after I read some reviews on marathonguide. Finding a race that allows more than one attempt in our FL season is proving to be more challenging than I thought.

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      You and me both Sarah, though you’re quite a bit closer to making Boston happen than I am!

      The FL weather definitely makes some long training different, but I think you can use the training in the heat as your advantage if you travel somewhere cooler for the race. At least that’s going to be my plan when the time comes!

      • Sarah K
        Sarah K says:

        I had such great weather last year I fear this year I won’t get good weather no matter where I go. But Houston is looking to be my first choice now – mid January, with Albany at the beginning of March as the back up.


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