The Value of Hard Work

“I learned the value of hard work by working hard.”

~Margaret Mead

On a certain level, I think we all know the value of hard work and that if we put in the work now it will pay off.

Yet we live in a world that is so focused on instant gratification, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that hard work typically pays off in the future.

Sometimes, the distant future.

The Value of Hard Work

The Value of Hard Work

The Value of Hard Work in Running

Running is such a perfect metaphor for so many things in life.

And hard work is no exception.

If you want to reach a certain running goal, you need to put in the work necessary to achieve success.

But rarely does that hard work provide instant gratification.

I’ve made no secret about my desire to qualify for and run in the Boston Marathon.

Currently, my marathon PR is 4:08 and change and I’d need to run a sub-3:05 to qualify right now.

I may or may not be able to run a 3:04 marathon at some point, but there’s no doubt in my mind that with enough consistent work I can absolutely run a 3:15 or so.

And if I can do that, all I’ve got to do is get a little bit older and I’ll be all set.

Keep Doing the Work

The true value of hard work is realized when it finally pays off.

Putting in the work is tough! It’s not always fun, it’s definitely not easy, and typically there are things you’d rather be doing.

But if you’re serious about reaching your goal, you’ll be willing to do what it takes to get there.

For me to reach my goal and get to Boston, I’m going to have to run lots of miles over the next decade plus. And as much as I love running, I really don’t care for doing the long runs that I know I need to do to dramatically lower my marathon times.

So the question is, do I want to run Boston badly enough that I’ll endure hundreds of 18-25 mile long runs until I finally snag that BQ?

You better believe it!

And when I get to Hopkinton, you better believe I’ll understand the value of the hard work that it took to get me there.

What Running Goals Do You Have That You’re Willing to Do the Hard Work Required to Be Successful?

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