Exactly What Causes Shin Splints Anyway? (with Video)

Shin splints are a relatively common running injury, especially among new runners, and are also one of the easiest running injuries to prevent.

In today’s video, I’ll be spilling the beans on what causes shin splints and what is actually happening when you are dealing with shins that feel like they are on fire!

Do you have a case of the shin splints that won’t quit? Check out part two of this post/video series, where I talk about how to treat shin splints.

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  1. Jennette
    Jennette says:

    UGH. Shin splints! So bad I remember standing at the sink (on New Year’s Eve) and sobbing because of the pain!
    Do not recall how I got them, though it was likely from to much tennis. Lots of contrast soaks (hot tub of water, towels in the freezer) did the trick. I found this useful tip at never-never-never-give-up.com It is worth it!

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      The contrast bath is definitely a good option for helping to break the cycle and speed up the recovery. Glad it worked for you!


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